Mick Squires DVD

Mick Squires DVD

Realistic Animal Tattooing

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In this 226 min. TattooSoul DVD Mick Squires, one of the world's best tattoo artists from Australia, show's and explains the most important basics for animal tattooing. You will be looking over Mick's shoulder while he is doing a tattoo of a monkey. His seminar aims at beginners while his techniques can also be applied to other animal tattoos such as cats, dogs, lions or tigers. 

Mick explains every working step in detail and reveals his knowledge acquired over many years.


1. Preparing the Stencil
2. Workplace Setup
3. Placing the Stencil
4. Tattoo Session I
5. Tattoo Session II
6. Aftercare
7. Interview

TattooSoul is a project for tattoo artists who take their business seriously and want to develop further.

Technical Details:

Length: 226 min. on 2 DVDs
Language: English
Quality: 16:9 Widescreen PAL