Flite Nano ELITE

Flite Nano ELITE - Polished Brass

Polished Brass

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The premium Polished Brass body of this limited production Flite Nano Elite is weighted perfectly for central balance when a grip is attached.

Each machine takes hours to polish by hand to the jewelery grade level we achieve, so we only make very small numbers of them, and will only be available from time to time.

The precision hand-polished brass helps to absorb vibration and motor noise so you can focus more on your work, plus it looks badass.


The gold titanium nut no longer includes laser engraving around the front rim.





-       Rated 4.5v to 18v

-       Custom designed nanotechnology motor

-       Polarity sensitive LED Light (for indicating full function of your RCA cable and power supply)

-       Brass frame

-       Interchangeable Cam System for adjusting stroke

-       Interchangeable Cam cover

-       Combo-style grip locking system (Works with pretty much any grip)

-       Interchangeable Push Bar System for adjusting give

-       Interchangeable side bumpers (helps stop the machine from slipping on your bench, and they look cool)





-       3.25mm Cam (other options available separately)

-       Semi-Rigid Bar

-       Soft, Medium, and Hard Torsion Bars

-       Inox MX6 Lubricant

-       Allen Key

-       Spare grub screw for cam

-       User Manual and Quick Start Guide